Edukopro is an SME organization focused on working closely with educational institutions, teachers, students and parents. We are committed to the development of partnerships between schools and families in order to promote a culture of learning that will lead to greater student success. Our programs focus on developing critical thinking skills for teachers and students, reducing stress among educators, promoting inclusion for children with disabilities in public schools, connecting schools with social media tools like Facebook or Instagram as well as helping them develop their own websites. While working with the associated partner, publishing house “Vrijeme”, they have also gained experience in publishing textbooks, workbooks, manuals and knowledge on how to write and create a successful piece useful to the youth but also to adults.

A special department within Edukopro is dedicated to working with young people, aged from 6-14 (primary school), 15-18 (high school), and 19-25 (college education). We are actively working on organizing tribunes, conferences, promotions, fairs, and helping to educate young people. Edukopro is very sensitive to the needs of young people and creates adequate responses to those needs and helps to address them. In order to achieve that, we are determined to support and advance young people’s competencies, to improve skills, help them take initiative, responsibility, and promote social inclusion intercultural dialogue among young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our team strongly believes in the value of Non-formal education and experiential learning based on experience and observation.

For these reasons, Edukopro and associated partners are organizing various seminars, educational and training activities for primary teachers and school managers, cooperating with primary and secondary schools, educational centers, teachers associations and introducing innovative educational approaches to young people, teachers, and youth workers with developing digital platforms for schools. At the local level, we have placed our focus on teaching, seminars and preparing materials for children and Youth organisations that are actively included in education society. On the international level, we are members of the international organisations and groups working on the EU funded projects, cooperating as part of Erasmus+ families in several countries. We are part of a network of schools and digital platforms supported by different educational programmes and initiatives in neighbouring countries.

edukopro as an organization is new in Erasmus + projects, but its employees have years of experience working in the field, having implemented several
projects and currently working on those in the implementation phase.

Edukopro provides various programs, ranging from extracurricular activities, training for teachers and students on how to use technology effectively. They are also usually used as a dissemination partner since their members record the highest number of successful dissemination activities, knowing their widespread network of connections. Even though the organisation has recently been founded, it’s members have experience in projects such as this one, focusing on supporting parents in Covid times, as they were idea developers and partners in a project focusing on doing exactly that, EDUCOV Supporting parents in Covid times, Collegium Balticum Poland, currently in the implementation phase.


Muamer Tinjak

Project manager/teacher training developer/dissemination expert Is an experienced manager in educational institutions with 20 years of working experience. Master’s Degree in Management in Education, and a PhD Degree in Management and Evaluation in Institutions of Education at the Pedagogical Faculty in Sarajevo. He has scientific interests in the topic Improving partnership between families and schools in the process of the institutional education
system (his PhD thesis). He has 20 years of experience in primary education in Bosnia and Herzegovina as former principal of the largest school in the city of Sarajevo. It was the first school which had approved Erasmus + projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2015 and 2017), international programs for the exchange of best practices in education. Two projects successfully implemented from Erasmus + KA2 exchange of best practices in education. Five years of
experience working on Erasmus + projects.

Project coordination/ several projects and activities coordinated in Primary school, NGO field in Bosnia and Herzegovina – since 2015 – present,

Strong management skills 12 Years work experience,

Strong Administrative skills/ 12 Years work experience,

Strong Communication skills/ In charge of communication strategy Strong Teamwork skills,

Strong coaching skills in: project development, management, youth programs, eco schools programs. He was a project manager in all 4 of his approved projects, out of which the most relevant for this project is the one focusing on the mindset of youth, which should be beneficial in this project: E+KA2, 2020-2-NL02-KA205-002994, MINDSET – Preventing Cyberbullying with a positive mindset.

Faruk Arnautović

Faruk Arnautovic is a second-year student at the International University of Sarajevo, pursuing a major in English Language and Literature. He is an up-and-coming linguist with an interest in learning languages, international relations, entrepreneurship, and project writing. He is fluent in Bosnian, English, has good knowledge and usage of the Turkish language, as well as basic knowledge in the German language. He took part in the Youth Pass learning mobility project “Top skills that young entrepreneurs need” held in Konya, Turkey. He is new to the Erasmus+ projects, but even as such, he has one project approved, currently in the implementation phase:

  • E+KA2, 2020-2-NL02-KA205-002994, MINDSET – Preventing Cyberbullying with a positive mindset, Caribbean Education and Culture Foundation.

Velid Tinjak

Velid Tinjak is a second year student of University in Sarajevo School of Economics and Business. Youthpass acquired in 2019 for participating in a learning mobility project of youth workers called Top Skills That Young Entrepreneurs need which took place in Konya, Turkey. He has a great interest in business, leadership, international relations, entrepreneurship, and project writing. He is new to the Erasmus+ projects, but even as such, he has one project approved, currently in the implementation phase: E+KA2, 2020-2-NL02-KA205-002994, MINDSET – Preventing Cyberbullying with a positive mindset, Caribbean Education and Culture Foundation.