JU OS Aleksa Šantić Sarajevo Bosnia And Herzegovina

The elementary school “Aleksa Šantić” in Sarajevo was founded 75 years ago. In the school year of 2020/21 there are 1150 students in 49 class departments. School covers two locations , with 115 employees. The teaching staff, led by the school management, is determined to include all students in the teaching process in a quality way and to meet their educational needs.

Our common goal is a happy and contented child in a safe environment. We believe that only a community is successful in which economic, social, cultural and religious differences are mutually harmonized and imperceptibly overcome. “Every child is the most important thing in the world” is the motto according to which teachers, parents and school management, with the help of the wider community, function and complete the concept of community that shows good results. We are aware that the pandemic has left consequences and that the implementation of the project “HAPPY-Back to school – the foundation of happiness” would re-establish a process in which children are fully involved in the work of the school, satisfied and happy and where their needs are met. SCHOOL VISION Modernly decorated and equipped school space A school with quality professional staff that is constantly improving Involvement of experts of different profiles in working with children Involvement of all students in extracurricular activities A school that is open to all children and provides children with equal rights and educational opportunities A school that supports the creativity and imagination of students, and respects their opinions Building mutual trust and respect

A school that is open to new ideas, suggestions and works to improve, with the help and support of the local community SCHOOL MISSION Raising the quality and efficiency of the teaching process Continuing professional development of teachers Raising parents’ awareness of the importance and need for involvement in school life Through the sports, cultural and public activities of the school, work on the inclusion of all students in extracurricular activities Involvement of professionals (special educators, speech therapists) and other people from the local community in order to improve the work of the school Arranging the interior and exterior of the school for the needs of all students Knowledge is an endless process of constant growth of learning and participation of all students, an ideal that schools can strive for, but which can be fully.

Teachers of this school are aware that the pandemic has left endless consequences, but are willing to actively work, involve and motivate students to socialize with others. In our team, where there was a little more sensibility in school management, teacher education was done with the support of the governmental and non-governmental sector on their own initiative, and we have exceptional individuals who did not wait for someone to solve their problem. In various ways, they managed to deal with the big problems in this period. In accordance with the primary school program, our goal is for each child to develop according to their abilities and pace that suits them, and we adapt to his needs: work program, forms, methods and ways of assessing the results achieved. School has already participated in this Erasmus +KA2 projects: E+KA2, 2017, 2017-1-PT01-KA201-035812, Stress prevention in the teacher profession, Agrupamento de Escolas nº 1 de Gondomar. E+ KA2, 2015, 2015-1-PL01-KA201-016992, Fundacja Archipelag Innowacji Społecznych

Team members work intensively on their self-education, have a need and sense for lifelong learning and for new ideas in empowering students to overcome missed and focus on solving problematic situations to strengthen personal attitudes and opinions. Those who want to improve and acquire new knowledge are ready to develop a sense of self-improvement in students through research and methodological approaches. As team members, they have demonstrated outstanding qualities of teamwork in all activities.

Our team as members of the Erasmus + project team and employees of the Elementary School “Aleksa Šantić” in Sarajevo are successful and responsible in the context of their profession and tasks in the project team.

Ajfa Čičkušić – MA in law, lawyer, with ten years of experience in the field of education – primary education and experience in legal correspondence and knowledge of the functioning of institutions and systems, communicative, capable of introduction and implementation of new ideas, upgrades ideas in a new environment, team member from previous Erasmus + KA2 projects ” Parents ‘Corner’’ and ” Stress-free teacher ”;

Amra Akšamović – professor of informatics and technical education, has exceptional information-communication-technological skills that she applies in the realization of ideas; Amra Kalender – professor of mathematics and physics, with research skills finds solutions in the implementation of project tasks and 10 years experience in the educational field.

Amina Delić-Zimić – PhD in education, author of textbooks, manuals and scientific articles and teacher who is constantly educated in the context of education and mathematics, has research skills that she realizes in the teaching profession. It conducts research in the context of a mathematical approach and the conditions that encourage mathematical education, inclusion, and the language skills of students in the classroom. Motivations and factors that influence this are the basis on which presentations at conferences and professional gatherings begin. It seeks to bring this area closer to students so that they love it and be ready to apply it in everyday life, because “math is everything that surrounds us”. On January 25, 2018, she defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic “Problematic teaching of mathematics in lower grades, primary school grades”.

Published books:

  • October, 2017. Handbook “Stories from inclusive classrooms”, KS Teachers’ Association, published Evidence for promotion: Innovative teachers-IN school: https://bit.ly/3tDKpb6 Oslobođenje: https://bit.ly/2SHtU17

Significant published works:

  • February, 2018. In recognition of the Publication of Manuscript entitled, Vol. 4, Issue 2 link: https://bit.ly/3y2Ru8Q