Why is this project transnational?

COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on children’s education all over the world. Adapting the educational system and keeping students motivated is a complex global problem that requires schools, teachers and parents from different countries to work together to make an international solution. The project is inherently transnational for purposes of analysing data differences regarding educational statistics and best practices of the listed countries. The educational material will be prepared based on international expertise of mixed partnership.

A great deal of work has gone into this proposal to make it achievable and effective for people in every EU country. International collaboration is making it possible to:

  • Brainstorm initial idea
  • Use joint partners intelligence in the development of suitable happiness curriculum
  • Plan common results suitable for partners in every participating country with the vision to be used in all Europe

This project application also brings the experience of the Bosnian partner who, after the war, felt the need to develop a different kind of social-emotional practice that helped them raise children and later young people who are more resilient and optimistic. They were able to create an environment where young people can feel safe and loved to grow up with confidence in themselves and their abilities for nearly 10 years before seeing that in other countries in Europe. The same need, just from different perspectives. This diversity makes it possible to create really unique and transnational project results.

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